AFD - Valorant Weekly

Starts 07/31/2021 at 7:30 PM EST

Riot ID
Tournament Type
Single Elimination
Max Teams
Team Size
5-7 Players
Players in Match
Games Per Round

1st Place


2nd Place

3rd Place

UGK eSports Val


1 - 1
Los Nenes


0 - 1


0 - 1


0 - 1
BD Gaming


3 - 0

This means your team is eligible and you are good to go!

This means your team is ineligible. This is either because you don't have enough players or not all members have the proper gamertag linked


  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 1


  • Custom Game (Private Match)
  • 5v5


  • Party: Closed
  • Map Vote in the match chat
  • Mode: Standard
  • Cheats: Off
  • Tournament Mode: On
  • Overtime: Win By Two: On


  • All matches should be played using Custom Games (Private Match) with host of the lobby being higher seeded team (Closest to 0) for Maps 1 and 3. The team the Lower Seed (Furthest from 0) will host map 2.
  • We recommend having the game host being located in the most central area of your region in the tournament to make it the fairest with ping.
  • The team that is not hosting will pick which side to play on.
  • The hosting team is responsible for ensuring all settings are correct prior to launching the map. Matches started with incorrect settings must be remade immediately.
  • The hosting team may not drop host at any point during the match. Dropping host during or after a maps completion will result in a forfeit of that map.

Prize Pool Breakdown (Only Applicable to Free Entry Tournaments):

  • $100 - 8 Teams To Start

Prize Pool Breakdown (Only Applicable to Paid Entry Tournaments):

  • $60 - 4 Teams
  • $140 - 8 Teams
  • $220 - 12 Teams
  • $300 - 16 Teams
  • $450 - 24 Teams
  • $500 - 32 Teams

Map Vote (only applies to BO3 GRAND FINALS):

  • Team captains of each team will have to choose maps and sides as described:
    • The team with the higher seed (seed# closest to 0) bans the first map. This can be done in the Battlefy match chat or ingame
    • The team with the lower seed (seed# further from 0) bans the second map.
    • The team with the higher seed (seed# closest to 0) picks the map to play
  • After map selection team captains have to write that their team is ready in the lobby chat. The game should not start before that.

Delay Between Rounds:

  • Teams may not delay the match for more than 5 minutes between each round/map. A round is defined as a stopping point during the match when match settings may be altered, and/or players may switch sides or change equipment.

Playing Man Down:

  • A team can start a map shorthanded.


  • Max Roster size is 5. Teams may swap players during a tournament, contact the admining the event.
  • This player cannot be part of any other team which is participating or has participated in the same tournament.

Team Switching:

  • Team changing in-game is not allowed. If a player joins the wrong team upon launch, the map will be restarted. Abuse of this rule will result in a lock/ban. If a player changes teams after the first kill, the offending team will forfeit the map.


  • Games must be restarted if a Player disconnects in the first 30 seconds and/or before the first kill.
    • Proof must be captured and provided in the event of a dispute.
  • If a Player disconnects after the first 30 seconds and/or after the first kill, the map must be continued. The missing player may be reinvited to the game using the same character. The team with the missing player may not leave the game at the conclusion of the round that the disconnect occurred. If a team fully leaves the game due to a player disconnecting they will forfeit the map in question.

Freeze / Lobby Crash:

  • In event the Valorant servers malfunction (e.g., game freeze, total crash or multiple players disconnected) leave the match and restart.
  • Highest score is less half (< 7): Replay entire match from round 1
  • Highest score is 7+: Replay the remaining rounds from round 1.
  • Generally, games will not be restarted for lag, latency, single player disconnect, or hardware/peripheral
  • If the game crashes again, point lead wins based on elapsed time. For example, if one team was in the lead for 1:30 and another team was in the lead for 1:15, team 1 wins.


It is forbidden to cheat, modify the game files, exploit bugs, and/or use any third-party application which would give an unfair advantage against other users.
Anything that can be viewed as a bug or exploit will be reviewed by the admin team and judged on a case-by-case basis, examples of such can be:

  • Using cypher cameras on spots which allows you to see through the walls.
  • Sitting on the spots which are not supposed to be used by map design.
  • Trying to reach out of the map boundaries. (teleporting with the Omen outside the playable area of the map).
  • Activating Sova’s Drone the way that it spawns clipping through the wall.
  • Using Sova’s Arrow on the spots, where they cannot be destroyed and they can spot players (Example: Fixed billboard on Split).
  • Bugging yourself into the doors on Ascent map, that you can see on both sides.
  • Spamming between Omen Phaser with ultimate to see through walls.
  • Opening doors on Bind from outside (Using Cypher’s camera from outside to open the doors).


  • For evidence in protest, every streamer is advised to store the broadcasts.( -> Dashboard -> SETTINGS-Channel -> Store past broadcasts)
  • To avoid stream sniping, we recommend a delay of minimum 90 seconds.
  • Stream sniping will not be enforced so stream at your own discretion.


Please Login to join.

- Make sure you have created a global team and have your teammates on the team. They will need to be on the global team in order for you to add them to the tournament team

- Make sure all players on your team have the proper gamertag linked to their profile

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