Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Liga Latino Americana - War of Honor

Starts 06/02/2021

Latin America
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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April 18th
5 PM EST: Match 1
ASAP: Match 2
ASAP: Match 3 (for 1-1 teams)
April 21st
6 PM EST: Championship Bracket Starts

 COD League Rules Must Be Followed

PC Players

All PC Players must be only using a Controller & are required to stream there gameplay to, Youtube, Periscope or to any streaming platform but must send the link to the tournament admins@

Tournament Format

Group stage will consist of 4 Teams per group and all matches will be BO3 and the match between the teams that are 1-1 in there group will play a BO5 to advance out of the group, 2 Teams will advance out of each group to advance into a championship bracket which will entirley consist of a BO5 Single elimenation format. 1 Match from the Top 8 will be streamed then all Top 4 matches will be streamed to the Grand Finals.
For all matches being streamed be sure to wait for the caster to join the lobby before starting the match.

Team 1 (0-0) vs Team 2 (0-0) - Best of 3
Team 3 (0-0) vs Team 4 (0-0) - Best of 3

Team 1 (1-0) vs Team 3 (1-0) - Best of 3
Team 2 (0-1) vs Team 4 (0-1) - Best of 3

Team 2 (1-1) vs Team 3 (1-1) - Best of 5
Team 1 (2-0) & Team 2 (2-1) Advnaces, Team 3 (1-2) &Team 4 (0-2) Knocked

 Substitute Players

Players that wish to switch out players may do it between matches in the Group Stage but may not do it between Maps, Players cannot switch out players during the Championship Bracket so if a player must be switched out be sure to do it before the Championship bracket starts.


If a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of the game, and/or before the first kill, their will be a replay issued, if 30 seconds has elapsed you must continue to play out the match, and ending of the match after the 30 second mark may be considered a forfeit upon admin's decision. 
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