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Starts 12/15/2020

North America
Call of Duty: Warzone
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  1. The hosting team will create the lobby and invite the opponents using their Activision ID. Users Activision IDs can be found on the match details page. When sending friend requests in-game ensure that you are searching by Activision ID.
  2. Once all players participating in the match are in the lobby and everyone is ready, set the "Squad Fill" to "Don't Fill", once done the hosting team may start the match.
  3. The team with the most kills during a game will win the map.
  4. Once the match is complete, teams will report the outcome on their match details page.

How To Win

In a Best of 1 or Best of 3 series, the team that has the most kills at the end of each map will win that map. You must win 2 out of 3 maps in a best of 3 to win the series.
Teams are competing to accumulate the highest number of kills within a match. The team with the highest number of kills will win that map. This means that if your team has 20 kills and your opponent has 10 kills in map 1, your team would win map 1. Going into map 2, the kills would reset to 0-0.

In a Best of 2 series (Total of 2), both maps will be played out and the team that has the most kills tallied at the end of the last map played would win. If you die in the first map, you must wait for all players to be dead in the map as well. You cannot get a no show win in the second map if the opponent is still playing map 1.

Kills after death: 30 seconds after the last player in the team has been fully killed (not knocked) that score will determine the winner of the match.

Gulag/Team Revive

Players who make it back into the game via Gulag, Team Revive, or Self Revive are allowed to keep playing as normal.
All kills will be counted.

You cannot remove your party from the match until both players have confirmed deaths (After Gulag), otherwise your team will forfeit the map.

The hosting player must set the lobby to No Fill. (Stops the game from assigning a random teammate.)

1v1 Matches are hosted on BR Duos


Best of 1 or 3 - A tie in kills results in a replay of the map until a winner is determined.
Best of 2 (Total of 2) - If it is a tie in kills by the end of map 2 additional maps may be played on rotating hosts to determine the winner. The first team to get the most kills after map 2 would win.


In the event of a dispute, please submit the necessary proof to the appropriate support team. 

Ticket Support: Navigate to your tickets page, Create a match dispute ticket, including proof of your win and also a description of any necessary information.

Live Support: Navigate to your match details page. Click the "CHAT NOW" chat button, in this chat you can request an admin to receive direct help.

Warzone In-Match Events
Navigate to the “Warzone In-Match Events!” section to learn more. June 10 Patch notes

Once all members on the AFD team are fully dead, meaning they do not have a gulag, they cannot get more kills. After a team is fully dead, make sure to get proof of their kills in case a jailbreak happens and they try to get more kills, as they will not count.

AFD Team
If all members of your AFD team are dead and a jailbreak happens, you will be required to immediately down yourself by hitting the ground from the respawn (Note: Floating with your parachute is strictly forbidden). If you attempt to get kills after a jailbreak when your team is fully dead, you will be forfeited.

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