The NEW AFD Studio!

Posted: Oct 2, 2020

As you all know, AfterDark Esports has been around for a few years now and has not stopped looking for new ways to improve and promote the amateur gaming community. From hosting LANs to moving to online events, we have found ways to adapt and expand and have been excited to have you along with us. Once we started working online with the Mutineers for the favorite Kraken Bounty Tournaments and later with the Misfits Gaming Group for the College Tour, we decided we needed a place our team would be able to get together to make events like these better and run smoother than ever before.

Three months ago, Leo “Cohiva” Mejias, owner of AfterDark Esports, got to work! He began talking to contractors, looking for supplies, and buying all the equipment needed to make a place the AFD team could get together to work on events. He began with working on the interior and setting up desks, including the producer’s, graphic designer’s, and the main caster’s desks. While the tasks proved to be a challenge, the team got together to help set up.

As the construction of the studio came to a close, the team moved on to working on the good stuff--the technology. Leo Mejias purchased several monitors, cameras, lights, microphones, sound-proof panels, etc. in order to get the new studio in tip-top shape. It took some work, but nothing they couldn’t handle. After a few days and nights, and a lot of pizza boxes, the team finished just in time to throw the Misfits College Tour without a hitch.

As we move on into online events, AfterDark is expecting to have a great outcome and even better productions for the amateur community to join in on.